Bisexual Men who act straigt! Beware and be clear

He, The Father will do it!! It’s good to wait! This dude was at me hard! I thank God I knew better and exposed the enemy because he was BI SEXUAL!! My breakthough is here and the assignment of the enemy was cancelled by The Blood of Jesus!

No I did not kiss him, blow him or have sex with him! I just knew something was not right and I then I saw it on him! The questions I asked he/she could not handle them or me with lies! I am mentally laid back as I watch and observe while I am engaged!

So glad I can go w/o a man and never pressed over on! The Blood of Jesus over my life and God to enhance and elevate my gifts.

Women do not over look obvious signs aka flags on the field! “Act like a woman and think like a man” is real! Learn to love you where you are and find joy!
I hope this helps someone! Bisexual men take that dress out of your closet and wear it!

I will expose him because I do not want another woman hurt because they are lonely or have low self esteem!

Woman date yourself and tell yourself how beautiful and wonderful you are!

Gods’ Grace and Mercy be with us all

dance with God


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